Summer is here, and the world is busy and sun is shining bright. This is a decent time to consider the force of power of beauty to produce joy. Do you tear up when watching movies? Does the sight of a cherry tree in full blossom leave you speechless? Does your heart feel full when you watch your kids play? Have you ever stood stunned before a painting in a museum?

If this is you, you have the quality that specialists in Positive Psychology research call ‘appreciation for beauty and excellence,’ a trait of the humans know as “quality of transcendence.” Contrasted with individuals who have a low level of this sort of view point, lovers of beauty are more inclined to report discovering happiness and significance in commonplace life. They likewise show a stronger propensity to make deeper, cherished associations with other individuals.

In today’s world of rush, anxiety and 24/7 news, it can appear to be practically foolish to feel genuine awed at anything. It’s simply not “in” to be awestruck, and the word “awesome” is so overused it has lost its significance. All the more motivation to discover excellent things consistently. Feelings about beauty and happiness are an exceedingly individual matter. What moves me may leave you icy, and the other way around. What matters is having the capacity to have sentiments of wonderment, appreciation, or pondering of the beauty in your surroundings.

It’s those sentiments, unique to you, that will make you more satisfied and more fulfilled. Here are a few tips for reconnecting with your feeling of marvel and wonderment:

Go walking. Take a leisurely walk, at a moderate pace ensuring to notice everything around you. Stroll at a moderate pace – numerous individuals make one stride as they breathe in, and the following stride as they breathe out. Read the science behind exercise and happiness here.

Listen to music. Here is a scientific article on what type of music makes people haappy.

Take a nap. Or get more sleep. Read about the effects sleep has on our brains here.

Enjoy a good book. Any book about happy things. No mystery novels about serial killers, please.

Call an old friend It’s proven we are social animals and need contact. It is scientific and you can read about it here.

Buy fragrant flowers. Be sure to smell them often throughout the day.

List your accomplishments. Write down ten things you like about yourself and put it where you see it every day.

We’ll continue to add to list in upcoming blogs.  What about you?  Any other ideas about enjoying the summer days? Please leave a comment below.