How did cats come to rule the Internet (4.5 billion cat videos on the Internet) and tame us to serve them?  That is a long murky story you can read about here.  But ultimately, both humans and cats benefit from this relationship. 

According to USA Today, “Cats can make owners happier, healthier and gentler.” Gentler? Really.

The article says:
Why do 33% of the households in the USA have cats? And how do you explain why there are 16 million more pet cats than dogs? Yes, kittens are adorable. Yes, they can grow up to be good mousers and are very entertaining to watch. And yes, cats are independent and don’t require as much care as dogs. But research shows cats can also be caretakers for us and our families, improve our health and teach us and our children to be kinder, gentler souls.
Research shows that being able to care for a pet improves our morale, helps validate us and encourages us to take care of ourselves, says Rebecca Johnson, director of the University of Missouri’s Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction. The body of research is leading more retirement communities and universities to roll out the welcome mat for pets.

Here is a can’t miss, hilarious article at 13 Compelling Arguments For Why You Should Have A Cat In Your Home.

Seriously, this is one of the best articles we’ve read in a long time.  The pictures – well, you just got to see them. Can’t post them here as that’d be stealing, but you really should check it out.

Here is just a taste:

Purring Has Healing Effects

Cats purr within a range of 20 – 140 Hz, which is known to be medically therapeutic for some illnesses. Purring has been known to lower stress, decrease the symptoms of dyspnea, help in the healing of bones and soft tissue as well as lower blood pressure. –

Cats Aid Autistic Children


A study by the University of Queensland discovered that autistic children with cats were more likely to speak, look at faces and smile than those without feline contact. The gentle, reserved nature of the typical cat is more familiar to a child with autism than an overly-energetic dog. –

Tons of articles and lots of research make it official. Cats rule! Check upcoming posts for more information on our complex relationship with cats.

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